Lorquin’s Admiral (Limentis lorquini)

via John Currin (JC’s Nature) – Google+ Public Posts http://ift.tt/2rcv84a

Selwyn Quan
originally shared:

Lorquin's Admiral (Limentis lorquini)

Butterflies, like a back lit stained glass mosaic, are sometimes best appreciated from the same point of view. Rancho San Antonio preserve near Cupertino had a number of these Lorquin's Admirals (Limentis lorquini) flying about this Memorial holiday weekend. Males are territorial perchers always on the lookout for females. I unfortunately still need to refer to the field guide to tell the Lorquin's admiral apart from the very similar California Sister (Adelpha californica). Lorquin's Admiral appears to be a Batesian mimic of the unpalatable California Sister .


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